Molecular Imaging For Whole Body Visualisation Of Diseases

  • On January 18 and 19 2018, TargetCaRe ESRs, PIs and partners organizations representatives met in Haifa for the sixth consortium meeting. The meeting was hosted by Technion and organized with the support of Technion and Procore. ESRs presented their progresses. Scientific discussions and mentoring sessions took place as well. The project entered in its last year, it will be a very challenging time! In addition, the fascinating location of Haifa, in Israel, gave to the consortium members the opportunity to know more about local history and culture. meeting-in- haifa/
  • The Province of South Holland has awarded a subsidy of €200,000 to a joint project between SeraNovo and Percuros, with consultancy from Good Biomarker Sciences. The project allows SeraNovo to further develop their technology platform, while testing it on the advanced test Percuros will develop. SeraNovo’s technology allows new medicines to be absorbed in the human body that previously could not.
  • CANCER project started in March in Nemi within the H2020 RISE programme 2017. The consortium of universities, SMEs and associations gathered for the kick-off meeting last 9 th and 10 th April in the wonderful location of Ruspoli Castel in Nemi to discuss about their future plans of action. Our aim is to study new immunotherapy approaches to improving cancer outcome and quality of life (QOL). Follow all our progresses on the project website or on our Facebook page.