Molecular Imaging For Whole Body Visualisation Of Diseases

With a background in Pharmaceutical Chemistry (2011-2018), Dr Maria Rosa Gigliobianco was mainly focused on the development of biopolymers synthesis as innovative DDs. Her professional interest involves the advancement of biopolymer applications to improve therapeutic intervention for the treatment of cancer. During her PhD at the University of Camerino (Italy), she has been successful in the development, optimisation, and preclinical evaluation of smart biodegradable nano-systems for different biomedical applications. She then had a postdoctoral experience with a fellowship at the University of Camerino focusing on the investigation of new natural bioactive compounds and the development of new technology systems based on the natural substrate for the release of active molecules that will be applied for a patent. Since her PhD, she has been able to keep publishing regularly in indexed peer-reviewed journals in the field of pharmaceutical technologies, drug delivery design systems, nanotechnology, completed the supervision of 3 doctoral students and 20 master students as principal advisor. Based on these achievements, GELNANODEP is fully aligned with Dr Gigliobianco’s expertise and will contribute to her goal of becoming a leader in the field of advance release drug systems in therapeutic medicine.