Molecular Imaging For Whole Body Visualisation Of Diseases

Percuros BV is a small-medium sized high-tech enterprise working in different areas of medical research, including imaging and biomaterials, artificial intelligence and social and environmental monitoring. Its research and development covers a stream of health and quality-of-life activities divided into either pharmacological or non-pharmacological approaches. The Company's pharmacological research includes cancer immunotherapy and osteoarthritis and development of point-of-care devices. Its non-pharmacological work, which is based in Italy, covers health tourism, e-health, forestry, food sources and creating algorithms for metadata travel search engines.

PERCUROS BV aims to transfer knowledge between different disciplines and sectors through training, capacity building, and networking activities. Indeed, thanks to its wide experience in artificial Intelligence and high-scale web applications, PERCUROS BV contributed to training a new generation of both academic and industry-based scientists who will bring new digital technologies to the market and into the clinic, developing a web-based ICT platform for home-based monitoring of diseases including for Covid.

Moreover, by coordinating the H2020-CHARMED project, PERCUROS BV is also committed in improving the economy of green microenvironment sites and creating new model for health tourism by improving health, well-being and recovery particularly of the elderly.